Connect a CRM to your website

Optimize customer data storage and improve marketing, sales, and service.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This is a program that allows you to collect, accumulate and process data on customer requests. The CRM is already built into Prodáct, you just have to use it and get the benefits.

What can be achieved with CRM

Store customer information securely

All requests from customers automatically

go to the Prodáct CRM. You don't need to worry about whether they will be lost.

Boost your sales

Use centralized customer knowledge to understand their buying habits and generate upsells.

Optimize your marketing campaigns

Segment customers for ad impression settings. For example, you can show ads to those who applied but did not purchase.

Improve business processes

Accumulate data in the CRM and look at the business on a large scale. You will see patterns that can be changed to increase the efficiency of your business.

Why the Prodáct's CRM?

Easy to install

Install any application or order form on your website and the CRM will appear automatically.

No complicated settings.

Free to use

You do not need to pay separately for the use of the CRM, its cost is already included in the Prodact plans.

Easy to use

Everything is simple. Receive requests from clients by email, change the status of requests, take notes, and upload data in tables.

Step by step how to use CRM by Prodáct


Create a website

Create a website with a contact form or a CRM sheet directly.


Receive applications

Receive applications from your website to your CRM and have email notifications.


Process applications

Change statuses, take notes, add and delete data.


Add applications

Add applications from other sources for data completeness and convenient work.


Use the data for your purposes

Optimize sales, customer service, and marketing by collecting CRM data from Prodáct.

Feedback from our clients


Is the data in the CRM securely protected?
Yes, customer data is secure. For Prodáct, we select providers who take the storage and processing of data, including personal data, very seriously.
Is it legal to collect customer data?
Yes, you can collect customer data, but only with their consent. To do this, you need to place a document on your website that tells users what data you plan to collect and why. Depending on your country, these may be different types of documents. Clarify your region's legislation and the collection, storage, and processing of personal data. Set the checkbox for agreeing to the terms of data collection and a link to the document near the contact form. In Prodáct, this is done automatically. This is how you obtain user consent to data processing.
Can I transfer data from CRM Prodáct to another CRM?
Yes, you can download the accumulated data to a table and upload it to any modern CRM system for further work.

Start to use CRM to make your business more efficient