Prodáct is a simple professional website builder.

Powerful to use and easy to learn, Prodáct is a website builder for entrepreneurs, webmasters, marketers and anyone who needs to make a professional website quickly.


Prodáct was created by a team with 15 years of experience in internet marketing, web programming and web design.

We jointly came to the conclusion that creating a website is too popular to be so difficult, and too difficult to be accessible to everyone. And this needs to be changed.

We set a goal to create a website builder with which you can create a website with zero knowledge in programming, marketing and design. To do this, we transferred our knowledge and experience so that everyone, without financial investments and additional education, could create a professional website for themselves.

Our main goal is to keep the constructor simple and efficient. Without complex settings, excluding the chances of “breaking everything”, without confusion in the ways of solving problems. At the same time, the result, the site, should be clean, neat, fast and understandable for visitors.

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