Design with ease: comprehensive features, quick setup

Explore the extensive design possibilities and easy setup of the Prodáct platform for website creation.

Quickly tailor your website to your Brand

Set up your brand's style quickly with our easy-to-use settings. Choose fonts, colors, button and form styles, and adjust the website grid to suit your visual rhythm. All changes are applied automatically across your site, ensuring consistency without the need for section-by-section edits.

Stunning websites on every smartphone

As most users browse on smartphones, websites created with Prodáct are automatically mobile-optimized. Enjoy the freedom to tailor details for a distinct mobile version, and choose to hide specific sections for a cleaner smartphone view. Your site is not just mobile-friendly; it's designed to excel on mobile.

Design effortlessly, even without a designer

All of Prodáct's sections are designed within a single design system, ensuring they work together seamlessly. When you change fonts, texts, and colors, the sections automatically adapt to these new design settings, maintaining a cohesive and professional look throughout your website.

Create and save your unique sections

Break free from limited section libraries. Start with a Blank section and use our comprehensive element set to build what you need. Save your custom sections for easy reuse on any of your sites.

Launch your website swiftly with our customizable templates

Discover the efficiency of our universal templates: tailored for rapid deployment, these designs allow you to launch a professional-looking website in under an hour. Just personalize with your content and you're set to go!

Enhance your website with our extensive font library

Explore Prodáct's vast selection of over 1000 fonts to find the perfect match for your website's style and character.

Refined grid control for your website

Choose from five grid settings to define your site's rhythm. Adjust the density of elements for an 'airy' or 'dense' layout, crafting the overall feel of your website.

Access a vast collection of impressive photos and videos for free

Prodáct includes a top photo bank, offering thousands of captivating images and videos. Enjoy exploring diverse styles from skilled photographers for your creative needs.

Customize your website's buttons

Easily choose colors, shapes, borders, fonts, and sizes for your site's buttons. Update your entire website with these changes in just a few clicks, enhancing its look and usability.

Bring your website to life with custom animation styles

Choose from fast, slow, or no animation for content reveals, and explore different effects and curves to add a unique energy and personality to your site.

Elevate your web design experience with Prodáct