• New Video Element: You can upload videos or embed them from YouTube.
  • Faster Site Publishing: Publishing has become faster.
  • Improved Site Loading Speed: Websites load faster.
  • Collection Element Fixes: Alignment and other settings in the collection element have been improved.
  • Page Sorting Fixes: Improved page sorting functionality.
  • Delete Confirmation: Confirm deletion in modal windows using the Enter key.
  • UI Fixes and Improvements: General user interface enhancements and bug fixes.


  • AI Text Generation: Advanced AI-powered content creation.
  • New Blocks: Expanded block variety for customization.
  • New Store Template: Modern shopping experience. View Template
  • Marquee Element: Dynamic text scrolling.
  • UI Fixes: Improved user interface.
  • Color Saving Fixes: Resolved additional color saving issues.


  • Element Movement Hotkeys: Use arrow keys (← ↑ → ↓) to move elements on the canvas.
  • New Blocks: Additional blocks added to the block gallery for greater design options.
  • Custom Block Library: Save your own blocks to the block library for easy reuse.
  • Element Shadows: Add shadows to elements for enhanced visual depth.
  • Fixes and Improvements: General bug fixes and performance enhancements.