How to create a dog breeding website step-by-step

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Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing online presence, this article will provide you with all the necessary steps and benefits of building a dedicated website. Learn how to attract a broader audience, simplify your communications, and showcase your puppies in the best light. With the right tools and a bit of guidance, you'll be able to set up a website that not only looks great but also helps you connect with potential clients and grow your breeding business. Let's get started!

Before creating a website, let's understand the benefits a dog breeder gains from having one

Attracting New Audiences: A website enables you to attract new customers from search engines.

Ease of Communication: A website makes it easier to connect with you, ensuring your contact information is always up-to-date.

Publishing Puppies: You can add and remove puppies that are available for sale.

Professional Image: A website allows you to create a professional image, which enhances client trust.

Structured Information: A website allows you to organize information more effectively, such as creating separate pages for each litter or service, making it more accessible for users.

In conclusion, a website is an excellent way to increase sales and become more accessible and open to clients.

Let's explore what and why certain content should be featured on a dog breeder's website:

Photos of Dogs and Puppies: Display how your dogs look. Although we love animals for their individuality, purebred dogs are often chosen based on their appearance.

Available Puppies: Show if you have puppies ready to leave their home. Provide descriptions, main characteristics, and list prices.

Breed Information: The future owner may have read this a thousand times, but information provided by the breeder carries more authority.

Appointment Booking: This simplifies the process for you and makes it more comfortable for the buyer.

Purchase Terms: A detailed description of guarantees, delivery, and other terms will make the transaction more transparent and build trust.

Testimonials: Display testimonials from other happy dog owners to give potential buyers confidence in their choice.

What technical tools to use for building a website

Today, there is a way to create a beautiful and functional website without needing design or programming knowledge.

This method is the Prodáct website builder.

At Prodáct, we have analyzed the websites of successful breeders, compiled reference information, and applied the experience of web developers. The result is a dog breeder website template, which you can customize to get your unique professional website that will attract clients.

Created for a dog breeder

Intuitive interface

Does not require long learning

Simple in-place drag-and-drop editor

High flexibility, add and remove pages and sections

Easy to change the template to suit your brand

Well-ranked in search engines sites

Free built-in CRM

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How to Create Your Own Dog Breeder Website

Customize the website template to fit your brand

If you have a brand style or specific preferences for your brand's appearance, it's important to reflect this on your site. Click on the "Site styles" icon located at the bottom left. This will open the site style editing menu, where you can change colors, fonts, button styles, form styles, and other elements.

To set new colors for your site, click on the color palette.

This will open the color editor.

The site comes with five brand colors. You can either choose from the provided presets or set your own colors.

The site can use up to two different fonts. Like with colors, you can change the preset or create your own. Prodáct offers over 1,000 fonts.

You can also change the appearance of buttons: set their outline, corner rounding, and appearance on click.

The appearance of form fields can be changed here as well.

We recommend making the forms in a style consistent with the buttons for a more harmonious look on the site.

If you are satisfied with the design of the template, you can skip this step.

Fill the site with your unique content

You have a website template in front of you, and your task is to go through each page and replace the information with your own. Let’s begin.

The first page you will edit is the Home page. The first section is the site menu, which will facilitate navigation throughout the site. Here, you will also find the dog breeder’s logo. You need to replace it with your own; to do this, click on the Gallery icon and upload a new image.

Main page

If your logo is not on a transparent background (for example, it's on white), you'll need to change the background color of the site's menu. To do this, enter the section settings by clicking the layers icon in the top left corner and select white.

If you don't have a graphical logo, switch the image to text by using the "A|" icon and simply type in your name.

Look at the menu items. If you don't like how they are named, you can rename them by simply clicking on each name.

Next, you will find several text sections; you should replace the existing content with your own. To do this, simply click on the text you want to change and insert your own. It’s easy and familiar.

If you're unsure what to write or don't enjoy writing, don't worry.

Click on the magic icon in the text formatting panel, and artificial intelligence will generate the text for you.

To change images, follow the same logic as with the logo.

Click on the image you want to replace, select the image icon, and upload a new photo.

Choose a photo from the list of images for the site, and you're done.

The last section on this page is the contact information. As before, you need to replace the information with your own. To do this, open the list of section elements by clicking on the "Layers" icon on the left.

From top to bottom:

Button: You can delete this element if it is not needed or change it by clicking on it.

Text: Click on it to edit and enter your address. This can also be done in-place.

Heading: This works on the same principles as the text.

The fourth element is the Map.

Click on it to access the settings.

There are two tabs here: Content and Design.

Let's carefully examine both.

The "Address" field dictates where the geo-marker will be displayed on the site. Enter your full address as it is done in the template, and the map will automatically place the marker in the correct location.

Next is the marker style. You can place your logo or another simple image here. If you don't have the ability to do this, simply delete the image. In this case, a standard marker will be used.

The second tab is Design, where you can adjust the appearance of the map. You can change the Map type to Google, which has a more user-friendly interface, but using it requires an API key. You can obtain this online by entering your credit card details. Search "get API key for Google Maps" on Google to find current instructions on how to obtain the key.

The next option is Zoom. Adjust this setting to increase or decrease the map's zoom level.

Following that are settings that allow or prohibit users from interacting with the map. Typically, these settings are enabled, but you can modify them at your discretion.

Below are the design settings. If you are inexperienced with creating and managing websites, it is best to leave these settings unchanged.

Now that the homepage is ready, we can move on to editing other pages.

To navigate between pages, click on the "Pages" button located on the left, below the Prodáct logo.

Available Puppies Page

At the top of the page, there is a text section. Since you're already familiar with how to work with text sections, we won't dwell on that here.

Below, you will see a section featuring an available puppy, which consists of four elements: a headline, text, an image, and a button.

You already know how to work with text and images. One thing to note is that you don't have to use the puppy's name as the headline; you can enter something else, such as the gender and color, and similarly for any other information.

As for the button, it links to an application form located further down on the same page. By clicking on the button, you can change its text. By opening the elements panel, clicking on the layers icon on the left, you can change the appearance of the button.

On the Available Puppies page, three puppies are displayed as an example. However, if you have fewer or more puppies, you can adjust the sections accordingly.

If you have fewer puppies, you can delete or hide the section.

To do this, click on the "..." icon to the right to see a dropdown menu.

Use "Hide" if you may need the section later, or "Delete" if it is no longer necessary.

If you have more puppies, you can duplicate the section. Click "Duplicate," and then replace the information in the new section. The sections are used in a checkerboard pattern (photo on the left - photo on the right). If you want to maintain this layout, use the up and down arrows (↑ ↓) to move the section around the page.

These functions are available for every section on every page.

Also, note the "Copy" function, which allows you to copy content from one page and paste it onto another. This can be useful for maintaining consistency across different parts of your website.

Below is the appointment booking form.

To edit it, go to the item's settings using the same principles we used for editing the Map.

The first setting is the CRM list, where applications will be stored.

CRM lists are accessible from the main screen of Prodáct, where you can view applications and modify settings.

Next are the form fields. You can delete, rename, and add new fields.

Do not remove the Agreement field unless you are adding a similar one, as it is required by law.

Below are the post-submission settings. You can change these as you see fit.

Purchase Terms Page

This page contains the standard purchase terms, which you should replace with your own. Alternatively, you could place the text of a contract here.

Testimonials Page

Change the photos and texts to your own. Use the copy or hide section features. If you currently have no testimonials, you can remove this menu item. However, it is recommended to collect testimonials as they are a crucial factor in decision-making processes.

Contact Page

This is the last item in the top menu and includes sections you've worked with before: text, booking form, and map. To avoid setting them up again, copy them from other pages where they are already configured by using the … → Copy function.

Compliance with Legislation

Your website is nearly complete; the final step is to ensure it complies with relevant legislation. This step is crucial to avoid any legal issues and to ensure that your website operates within the bounds of the law.


The templates and legal information provided on this website are for general informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained herein. Use of any templates or legal information on this site is at your own risk. We strongly recommend consulting with a qualified legal professional for advice tailored to your specific circumstances. By using our templates, you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on the provided information.

On your website, there are two important text pages: Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You need to customize the texts on these pages to reflect your specific activities. This customization is necessary to ensure that you do not violate applicable laws and that your website's policies are appropriate and relevant to the services you provide and the audience you serve. It's crucial to align these documents with your business practices to protect both your operations and your users' rights.

Publication and Domain Name

Now it's time to publish your website and purchase a domain name for it. To do this, click the "Publish" button. Once published, your site will be available at an address like However, for conducting a full-fledged business, it is essential to buy your own domain name.

To purchase a memorable domain name, follow the link “Get your unique domain name” found in the publication window or under the Domain tab in the site settings. Click "Buy new" and enter the domain name you are interested in into the search bar. Choose an available option and proceed with the payment.

Prodáct offers over 350 domain zones to choose from.

Mobile Version and Grid

Websites are visited more frequently on smartphones than on computers. That's why having a mobile-responsive version is critically important for successful business operations. Prodáct templates are pre-adapted for smartphones, but if you have made any edits, it would be wise to check how your site now looks on a mobile device and make adjustments if necessary.

Click on the smartphone icon on the left to switch to mobile view editing; you can always switch back the same way. This feature ensures that your site remains functional and visually appealing on all devices, providing an optimal browsing experience for all visitors.

If you want to adjust something in the mobile version, it's not a problem. Changes made in mobile mode will not affect the desktop version.

Prodáct offers three grid modes to facilitate this:

Free Mode: Freely move elements with handy guides for precise placement.

Grid Mode: Use the grid for easy and quick alignment of elements.

Static Mode: Safely edit texts and images without risking accidental shifts.

Make your changes and republish the site to apply them. Additionally, if you're not ready to publish the site but want to see what it looks like, you can use the eye icon to preview it. This allows you to ensure everything is perfect before making the site live to the public.

Cost of Prodáct

Prodáct is an affordable website builder with several pricing plans tailored to different needs.

If you plan to create just one website for a dog breeder, the Personal plan would be suitable for you, costing between $7 per month when paid biennially to $10 per month when paid monthly.

The cost of a domain name varies depending on the zone; for instance, a .com domain currently costs $10 per year.

Attracting Customers

The best way to attract new, free traffic to your site is through search engine optimization (SEO). To optimize your site for search engines, you need to write meta titles and meta descriptions. These are the texts that appear in search engines when you see search results.

Meta titles and descriptions should be written for each page separately. To do this, go to the list of pages and click Settings for the page you want to modify. A window will open with three tabs. In the SEO tab, you will see the pre-set Page title and Page description. Rewrite them according to your activities. Remember to mention your location and the breed of dogs.

Ensure that your texts on the site accurately mention the breed and location. Typically, the activity of dog breeders is not very competitive in search engines, so this level of optimization should be sufficient to attract new buyers.

Additionally, add your website address to other sources of leads such as Instagram, Google Maps, and others. This will increase your chances of making sales.

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