How to create a website step by step instructions

Reading time: 10 minutes If you have never made websites before, then first you should determine what is considered a website. As Wikipedia tells us, a website is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name. And in a narrow sense, this is true, but in a broad sense, the whole complex is attached to the concept of a website, from the idea of ​​creating a website to attracting customers with it. To implement this complex, you will have to learn many other terms.
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Step by step instructions for creating a website:

Step 1. Understanding what site we need

Step 2. We compose the structure of the website

Step 3. Choose where to create a site. HTML, CMS, designers, hosting

Step 4. Create content: what text to write and where to get pictures

Step 5. Create a website

Step 6. Choose and buy a domain

Step 7. Attract customers from the search

Step 8. Place ads on the Internet

Step 1. Understanding what kind of website we need

Creating a website from the spot can be very difficult, as it is not clear what kind of website to create, what sections it will contain, and what information.

To solve this problem, use two approaches Competitor Analysis and Customer Care.

As part of Competitor Analysis: Analyze other websites in your industry and see what sections your competitors have.

Let's say you offer Spanish lessons. Look for similar services on Google. Write down which sections are most often found on such sites, these can be: About us, Teachers, Pricing, Contacts, Courses, Events, Exams.

If you do not type information for some sections, then cross it out.

Take care of your customers, think about how the site can make life easier for your customers. Maybe it makes sense to publish school news, the current class schedule, make an appointment for a trial lesson?

Write out a final list of sections to use for site structure.

Step 2. We compose the structure of the site

Visualize your sections in a Mindmap - a visual structure or just a "spider".

Decide which sections will be top-level and which will be nested within them. See an example in the picture below.

Do not ignore this step, you will thank yourself when you make the site menu.

Visualize your sections in a Mindmap - a visual structure or just a "spider".

Decide which sections will be top-level and which will be nested within them. See an example in the picture below.

Do not ignore this step, you will thank yourself when you make the site menu.

Website structure about Spanish courses

Step 3. Choose where to create a website

Now that we know what kind of website we need, it remains to decide where we will make it.


The website itself is html code. At first, this code was written by hand, but only people who knew the html markup language could change the information on such a website.


In order to simplify administration, speed up creation and enable the execution of dynamic functions, CMS - content management systems have been developed.

Content management systems are a great development option that is still used by industry professionals to this day. In this option, you need to choose a CMS, install it on the selected and paid hosting, draw and layout a website (or find a ready-made template), fill the website with content.

CMS are paid and free. Each CMS has its pros and cons. The most common disadvantage is slow work due to redundant code that you will never use.

The disadvantage of CMS is restrictions in the submission of content, only the standard appearance of pages (changed the order on one page - it changed everywhere), difficulties with changing the design and its elements.

Website builders

Then website builders entered the arena. These are systems similar to CMS, but much easier to use. The user simply visits the website builder and starts building a website. The website is assembled in blocks, each page is independent of the other. Use does not require any programming or web design skills.

But the designers also had their drawbacks - websites were poorly ranked in the search, the cost of use exceeded hosting along with a CMS license.

Website builder Prodáct

We have created the Prodáct website builder so that these cons are left behind. Websites rank well in search (this website is made by Prodáct and most likely you came to it from search), cheap rates and discounts for long-term use.

What is hosting, do I need it?

Hosting is the computing power that you rent in the data center for your website, in other words, hosting is the hosting of the site. You need to choose and pay for it if you are creating a website on CMS or pure html.

If you use Prodáct, then you do not need to choose, buy and pay for hosting. Website hosting and attack protection are already included in the price.

Step 4. Create content: what text to write and where to get pictures

You have a list of pages that will be on your site. Each page will need text, possibly images and videos.

To decide what will be on the page, think about your buyers. Why do they come to it and what do they want to know? Not bad study competitors, and learn from their experience, where applicable.

But in no case copy. A site with copied texts and pictures will not appear in the search, which means it will not bring you new customers (about SEO below).

In addition, texts written about another company either will not suit your site or will suit any site, which means they are absolutely useless. It is better to write not much, but about yourself.

The requirements for pictures are not so strict. You can use images from the free photo bank built into Prodáct. Use them for design to complement the look and set the mood.

But do not pass off images from the photo bank as your own. If you need to mark up a photo of the office, then it’s better not to be too lazy to take a picture of it, if the photo of employees, then it’s better to take a photo with a smartphone against the background of a plain wall. If you take a photo from a bank and say it is yours, visitors will immediately notice the forgery and lose confidence in you.

Step 5. Create a website

You already know what pages are needed on the site and you have collected the initial material. It's time to build the site.

There are two ways to create a website in Prodáct: from a template and from scratch.

Making a website from a template is a little easier. Check out the templates and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Choose by the content of the site, not by the appearance. Appearance is easy to change in the settings.

Website templates in Prodáct

Rename the menu in the header of the site to your structure. If any items are missing, then add them.

Fill blocks with your content. Click on the text to enter your own, on the image to replace it with your own.

If any section is redundant, then delete it.

If a section is missing, click on the blue plus sign and select any of the section gallery.

Sections can be swapped, duplicated, copied to other pages, made through (so that the section is displayed on all pages).

You can add and remove site pages from a template to fit your site structure.

If you know exactly what site you need, then do not choose a template, but start creating from scratch. In this case, start building from the main page and add sections one by one.

When you're done with the content, move on to designing the site. You can change colors, fonts, buttons and forms, animation style, and padding. In a few clicks, your site can be changed beyond recognition. If you created it from a template, then even the creator of the template won't understand it.

Create Website

Step 6. Choose and buy a domain

A domain is a unique address for a website. For example,

Domains are divided into levels: first, second, third, and so on. The division is simple — .com is a first (top) level domain, also known as a domain zone.

Next comes the second level — it contains a unique name and a domain zone separated by a dot, like A second-level domain can be bought, you can buy it from Prodáct.

Then there are third-level domains. Such as, Third-level domains can be obtained for free, including in the Prodáct website builder.

Domain zones are national, for example .us for USA, .it for ​​Italy, .cn for China.

Domain zones also can be thematic. The most famous are .com for commercial websites (very popular in the US), .online for web services, .org for public organizations, .cafe for restaurants, etc.

In total, there are about 1,500 domain zones in the world. Domains in many of them are not subject to sale.

How to choose a domain?

You can keep a free domain in the zone, but for a serious business, it is advisable to purchase a second-level domain.

The easiest option to choose a domain is to use your name. For example, if your name is Sonrisa, then your domain would be

But in the .com zone, most of the domains are already taken. You can try using the national zone, for example, for the US, and for France.

If the name consists of several words, you can write them together or through a dash.

You can also make your industry the second part of the domain, for example,, this domain may be free.

But it is not necessary to purchase a domain in the .com zone or the national zone, use other thematic zones. So for a restaurant called “Kimchi”, not only is suitable, but also,,

If you are not sure about the company name or all domains with it are taken, then try using the service name. Domains like are usually occupied, but you can add geographic location -, city name -, area name -

Choose the perfect domain name using your name or industry. Or all at once.

So for a restaurant called “Kimchi”, not only is suitable, but also,,

Prodáct has more than 380 zones for sale.

You can check the availability of a domain name in Prodáct after registration.

Enter the name you like (part of the domain up to the dot), and automatic selection will suggest domains in different zones.

You can buy a domain at any time, both before the creation of the site and after. But be careful, the domain you have chosen may be occupied by someone else before you buy it.

Step 7. Get customers from search engines

Building a website is just the beginning. Most likely, you created the site not “just to be”, but for some purpose. And most often this goal is to attract customers. We tell you how this can be done.

The most effective and cheapest way is to attract customers from search engines. Your services are looking for these people to find exactly your site, it will take a little work on it.

First of all, you need to install the panel for Google Webmaster. To do this, you need to register in the system and receive a confirmation code. Add the code to the site settings and publish the site.

Now you will collect all information about the search.

SEO settings at Prodáct

Next, you need to optimize the texts for search. Collect keywords with SEMRush Magic Tool or other.

In the page settings, fill in the SEO tab, use keywords.

Check that the text also contains keywords. But do not overdo it, the text should remain readable and understandable for people.

Make sure Google and other search engines index your site. Site pages should appear in Webmaster services.

Wait a couple of weeks and then check the results. In the webmaster panels you will see who came to you and for what requests.

Expand your site to attract more visitors.

Step 8. Place ads on the Internet

If there are not enough visitors on the site, then their number can be increased by placing ads.

The most effective type is contextual and targeted advertising.

Contextual advertising is one that is shown “in context”. The most popular type is advertising in search results. It can also be shown on other sites if you recently searched for such a product/service, as well as on the topic of the site (for example, advertising bicycles on a site about bicycles).

Contextual advertising can be placed in Google Ads. Beginners are given coupons to replenish the balance.

Targeted advertising is one that is tuned to a specific audience. For example, you sell an expensive anti-aging cream and you know that your customers are mostly women from 40 to 60 years old with a high income. Then you can mark up ads specifically for this audience, regardless of what they have been looking for lately. Targeted advertising appears on social networks: Instagram, and Facebook.

Unlike search promotion, you will have to pay for contextual and targeted advertising. Usually per click or per 1000 impressions. There are many factors that affect the cost of a click, but one quality visitor will not cost less than 50 cents.

One quality visitor costs at least 50¢

Try it now!

Making a website is easier than you think.

Use our instructions and create a successful website.